Stressful Work Projects

Time was running out on my business project and I wanted to verify the project timeline to make certain I was still on schedule. This job would definitely make or break my work life and I preferred it to be just right, but time was in opposition to me and I was not having enough time! I clocked out for that nighttime and resolved to go home but couldn’t find a way to get my mind off from my project’s timeline and just what exactly conducting a superior job would mean to me, our kids, and my vocation. I mustn’t been as easily readable as a billboard because the instant I walked in my wife gave me a once over and recognized promptly that I was still being hung up over my project’s timeline. My thought process for whatever reason would not stop working on solutions to strengthen the idea and before I realized it I had been laying on my little family room sofa, by myself.


Irrespective of my lonesome position in the family room my mind continued to labor intensely on everything that would be to come. I thought of very long nights around the beach with my whole family actively playing in water, chuckling and messing around with such pleasure and exuberance. I also imagined searching for a new job and waiting in long lines for food assistance, while my spouse drives by kissing a different fella in a costly car. It’s crazy just how a project’s timeline can transform your lifetime so fast to such a great degree.


I woke up the next morning, wiped my eye lids and got set for the most significant day of my employment lifestyle. I was able to push away the project timeline for long enough to show my spouse exactly how much I loved her with a powerful embrace only Hollywood blockbusters may top and set out for work. Immediately after reaching work and settling my nerves, I straightened my tie and placed on a face as serene as ice, still a lesser amount of cold and more engaging. It was then immediately after verifying my project timeline for the last time that I came to the realization with big surprise that it hadn’t been due at this time but in a few days and that I got the required time to do many of the improvements I wanted. My face of ice fell apart and I fell directly into my chair just like an avalanche. I looked up at the ceiling and exhaled a very good fog and I felt a weight slide from my shoulders. In my rush I must’ve crisscrossed a few figures the day before. I felt like a fresh gentleman and no project timeline was going to adjust that, I became alive again and inhaling fresh air like a drowning reaching the surface of a big pool of water. Just then my co-worker walks in and asks exactly why I look so happy; I merely smile and get back to on my project. Later on that day I make a call to my wife and say sorry to her for the deficiency of attention and express my circumstances and how silly I had been for overlooking her. I think this really is going to be my week!

More on project timeline here:

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